Ice Machine Cleaning

How often do you have your ice machine cleaned? Dirty ice is being served at almost one in three pubs, restaurants and coffee shops, putting customers’ health at risk, a study suggests.

Tests carried out on ice machines in a recent survey found the following strains of bacteria:

  • Enterococci
  • E.coli
  • Coliform
  • Norovirus

Mineral, lime-scale and mould build-up can cause poor ice machine performance. The water in this area is rich in minerals, especially lime. Lime-scale build-up can seriously decrease the speed of your ice production and therefore increase energy consumption.

We offer a full chemical clean and sanitization for £85.00 (ex VAT) (local customers only). This includes a strip down and internal clean of the ice machine, and a laminated certificate of cleaning to show your customers you care about their health.