IoR Conference takes a lead on the future of refrigerant use

On 2 December the Institute of Refrigeration (IoR) is calling together members and industry representatives to explore the linked themes of refrigerant containment, efficiency and reliability.

Facing stronger legislation, new refrigerants, and challenging emissions reductions targets, the event is designed to help participants to reassess current strategies and priorities related to refrigerant use. What can we do to future-proof our systems, components and businesses?

Since the Institute began the series of initiatives under the title of REAL ZERO in 2008 there have been significant developments in technologies, components and system design throughout industry – all with the specific agenda of improving refrigerant containment.

“One thing is clear,” said IoR president and chairman of the initial REAL Zero project, Graeme Maidment, “if you are still using the same techniques and practices that you were using five years ago – then you are not serious about refrigerant leakage reduction.”

This conference entitled ‘REAL Zero 2013 – and beyond’ will explore what we have learned about refrigerant leakage and containment in a series of evidence based case studies. The detailed papers will provide insights into both the context and practice of working towards Refrigerant Emissions and Leakage ZERO. Speakers will share both information and experience.

This one day conference, which will take place at the Sainsbury’s conference centre in central London, will also help re-evaluate current strategies and support those who want to develop improved approaches to environmental challenges. Leading UK and International speakers will make the case for:
· Why it is necessary to stop refrigerant leakage
· How efficiency and reliability are linked to containment of refrigerant
· Making changes that have been proven to reduce leakage rates and improve performance.
· Selecting technologies that support improved refrigerant management based on independent re-evaluation.

Mr Maidment continued: “As members of the Institute of Refrigeration we have a responsibility to promote the technical advancement of refrigeration in all its applications by improved methods and minimisation of its effects on the environment, through the sharing of good practice and promoting new developments. This Annual Conference of Members explores a theme central to these responsibilities – taking a lead in helping users and owners of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment to reduce their environment impact through improved refrigerant containment.”